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Sujets généraux | Active portfolio management
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Active portfolio management

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Active portfolio management

An investor who follows an active portfolio management strategy buys and sells stocks in an effort to outperform a specific index, such as the S&P 500 or Russell 1000 Index.

An actively managed investment fund has an individual portfolio manager, co-managers or a team of managers who make investment decisions for the fund. The success of the fund relies on in-depth research, market forecasting, and the expertise of the management team.

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Portfolio managers engaged in active investing keep track of market trends, shifts in the economy, changes in the political landscape, and any other factors that may affect specific companies. This data is used to time the assets are bought or sold.

Proponents of active management claim that these operations will lead to higher returns than can be achieved simply by simulating stocks listed on the index.


Since the goal of a portfolio manager in an actively managed fund is to beat the market, this strategy requires that you assume greater market risk than is required to manage a passive portfolio.

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Passive portfolio management is also known as index fund management.

Negative portfolio management

Passive portfolio management is also referred to as index fund management.

The portfolio is designed to match the returns of a particular market benchmark as closely as possible. For example, every stock listed on the index is weighted. That is, it represents a percentage of the index proportional to its size and influence in the real world. The index wallet builder will use the same weights.

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The purpose of managing negative portfolio is to generate a return similar to the chosen index.


A passive strategy does not have a management team making investment decisions and can be structured as an ETF, mutual fund, or trust investment unit.

Index funds are classified as passively managed rather than unmanaged because each has a portfolio manager responsible for replicating the index.

Since this investment strategy is not proactive, estimated management fees on passive portfolios or funds are often much lower than active management strategies.

Mutual index funds are easy to understand and offer a relatively safe approach to investing in broad sectors of the market.

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